Alliance, why are we letting ourselves be brought down? The Horde is strong because they believed they were. What’s our excuse? We let ourselves be walked over time and time again. Instead of blaming the company for Horde favoritism, try picking your head up, put your tough-guy pants on and say…

“I’m Alliance and I’m proud! I’m not going to let anyone change that!”

See how easy that is? I’m getting so sick and tired of the mentality of this faction. But I’m not giving up on it.
I love Alliance. I started out Horde for a couple years but changed to Alliance and am NEVER looking back.

Too many times I’m in a battleground and someone has to ask ‘why are we losing?’ which triggers the ‘because we’re Alliance, we suck’ response. Really? REALLY?! Not only does that bring your entire team down, but you are just proving the Horde right. 

Alliance sucks!
Why does it suck?
Because Alliance chose to suck! 

We chose to back down to the Horde. At this point, the Horde are no more than bullies and it’s about time the Alliance stood up against these bullies.  Stop comparing what the Horde has to what the Alliance doesn’t have. Try being proud of what we do have! 

No Pride + Blaming others = Alliance sucks!

Pride! + Sticking up for ourselves = Alliance win baby!

Remember, without the Alliance there would be no World of Warcraft.

Alliance, we all need to pledge ourselves to improve this faction. Stop waiting for Blizzard to write us a good story. Let’s make our own and be heroic! 

We must not bring our selves down.

We are not just ‘the other guys’. We are the Alliance!

We must unite as a faction, support each other to the very end. Leave no one behind!

Share this with all your fellow Alliance. It is now our time.

Mist of Pandaria is supposed to bring out the war between Horde and Alliance, so Alliance…